Our inventories are comprehensive with all items and conditions noted. They are professionally presented and easy for the landlord or tenant to navigate and use.

We take photos of all rooms and gardens, and where requested, can offer a video service.

Our experience shows the best way to avoid misinterpretations and disagreements is by combining the reports with photographs. Marks, scratches, stains and damage are photographed and serve to complement the written description and so avoid unpleasant disputes. Photographs and videos are held on file unless otherwise asked for.

We complete four hard copies of the inventory, one for:

  • the Letting Agents (if applicable)
  • the Landlord.
  • the Tenant.
  • our Records.

We are also able to offer check-in and check-outs and suggest the allocation of deposit refunds where necessary. You will also be provided with a written report for this service.

Check-In Reports:

The check-in report compares the notes on the inventory to the content and condition of the property on the first day of tenancy to ensure that there is no variation since the inventory has been completed. It also records meter readings. It is imperative that the check-in report is agreed and signed by the landlord (or their representative) and tenant as it forms the basis of the agreement between them.

Check-Out Reports:

The check-out report is carried out on the last day of tenancy to record the condition and contents of the property. Any differences when compared with the check-in report are clearly highlighted.

Routine Visits:

A Routine Visit takes place during the tenancy to ensure that maintenance and repairs are identified and addressed in good time. Regular inspections can prove to make economic sense too as prevention is often less costly and disruptive than cure.